About iJZNA

16 Oct

About iJZNA

iJZNA is your Internet Jazz and New Age station, and is sponsored by Midnight Music and Tim Sabin. Among the artists that are played:

  • Doug Robinson
  • Deane Delli-Bovi
  • Tim Sabin
  • Freeze Frame
  • Lesley Spencer
  • Gato Barbieri
  • G.E.N.E.
  • Steven Keys
  • (Coming soon)Angels of Venice
  • Jim Chappell
  • Jack Poley
  • Jim Brickman
  • Windows
  • David Lanz and Paul Speer

If you hear anything in iJZNA that you would like to make yours, visit the iJZNA Playlist page, and include these pieces on a custom CD!

To hear iJZNA, click on either “Modem Speed” or “Broadband Speed”. “Modem Speed” requires either a 33.6K modem or a 56K modem. “Broadband Speed” requires something faster, such as ISDN, Corporate LAN, DSL, or a Cable Modem.