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Become a Midnight Musician!

Join the Midnight Music artist family! For a modest fee we will sell your CDs, and / or make your individual tracks available to buyers. And when they do buy, you will get paid – within 24 hrs. of when we get paid!

There are three ways you can become a Midnight Musician:

  1. Let Midnight Music sell your CDs.
  2. Let Midnight Music sell your individual tracks.
  3. Let Midnight Music sell both your tracks and CDs

It is recommended (but not absolutely necessary) that clips of all tracks (both individual and those on albums) be made available to potential buyers. You can create your own clips, or we can create the clips at a super-inexpensive rate. You can host the clips, or you can have us host the clips. NOTE: clips are not accepted for tracks of length 0:30 or under. Clips should be between 0:30 and 1:00 in length.

The ultra-inexpensive rates for these services:

  • Setup – includes up to 3 pages: a Track Listing, an Album Listing, and a Bio page ;
  • Per Track Listing & Hosting Fee (so your tracks can be included on custom CDs) ;
  • Per Track Clip Hosting Fee (3 RealAudio clips – 28K, 56K, LAN speeds) ;
  • Per Track Clip Creation Fee (for us to create 3 clips from the track) ;
  • Per Album Listing Fee ;
  • Commision on both track and album sales.

Pricing Policy 

Tracks are priced at 5 cents per 15 sec. of play. Thus, a 3:23 track would be priced at $0.70. 
CD-R blanks that custom CDs go on are priced at $3.00 ea., and are supplied by Midnight Music.

Albums are priced by the artist. When pricing albums, artists should try to keep album prices at or below what would be charged if the customer had ordered a custom CD. Example: an album has 60 mins. of music. A custom CD made with these tracks would be $15.00. Thus, the album should be priced at or below $15.00. Albums are not inventoried by Midnight Music. 80% of all sales and all applicable shipping fees are passed on to the artist. See the  order form for current shipping rates.

Other CD-based items, such as synthesizer banks, are also priced by the artist, and are not inventoried by Midnight Music.

Listing Currency 

In order to keep your listing current, you must have at least one track or album listed on the Midnight Music site at all times. All listed items must be available

If you are interested in becoming a Midnight Musician, email .

Oh, another benefit to becoming a Midnight Musician: you get this cool image for your site!