Common myths about erectile dysfunction drugs

1 Jun

Common myths about erectile dysfunction drugs

If you want to buy special medications for erectile dysfunction, visit In this article, we will look at the most common myths about such medications.

If you take erectile dysfunction drugs for a long time, you develop an addiction and dependence

PDE-5 inhibitors are often mentioned for some reason: they claim that if you start using them, you will develop dependency. However, this myth is confirmed neither by clinical studies, which all registered medications must undergo, nor by experience in the use of PDE-5 inhibitors, which is more than a dozen years old. Moreover, correct usage of this group of medications within a complex therapy of erectile dysfunction (i.e. when the cause of erectile dysfunction is established and the reasons causing it or related diseases are treated) may be the only method that allows a man to be cured completely and do without any pills in the future.

However, it should be noted that the dependence can also be purely psychological – if the patient convinces himself that he “succeeds only with the medication”. To prevent this from happening, erectile dysfunction treatment should take place under the supervision of specialists, including a psychologist. In addition, addiction may develop when taking the drugs purchased over the Internet, “by acquaintance” from distributors, etc. 

The more pills you take, the better the potency

As with any medication, erectile dysfunction drugs have their recommended and maximum allowable doses. The dose is chosen individually for each man and doctors try to prescribe the minimum effect – the one in which the desired effect is already achieved and no more. Increase the dose only if the low dose does not work, and only on the advice of the doctor! Overdosing is fraught with a number of unpleasant consequences – from temporary visual impairment, especially color perception, to severe headaches or muscle pain at the most inopportune moment.

Do not take drugs to improve potency if you have a heart condition

Drugs can be taken by prescription, which will take into account and contraindications, and the interaction of the drug with those drugs that are prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system. If there is an incompatibility of drugs, for example, PDE-5 inhibitors are incompatible with nitrates, some of them may have to be replaced. Fortunately now the choice of both “heart” remedies and drugs for erectile dysfunction allows you to pick up the appropriate therapy without problems. But with all kinds of “miracle drugs,” advertised as stimulants to sex drive, you need to be extremely careful – primarily because many of the excitatory drugs can contribute to high blood pressure.

It is better to choose natural remedies, they are more effective and safer

The most effective means for the treatment of erectile dysfunction experts still consider PDE-5 inhibitors that directly affect the mechanism of erection. You can buy such medicines at