I’m an artist, and I’d like to have my songs and albums sold by you. How can I do this?

Please see our  Artist Info page.

I like your music, but I’m not sure about your ordering system. Is it secure? Is my credit card account safe? 

Midnight Music uses SSL, the industry standard for creating secure connections. Nothing on the Internet is more secure. Currently, when you go to the “payment pages” from the Order Form, you enter secure pages from our partners, Yahoo! Pay Direct or X.Com’s PayPal. Their systems are extremely secure. 

You don’t have to worry about your credit card being safe. Midnight Music HAS NO RECORD OF YOUR CREDIT CARD, so we cannot use that information even for good. Yahoo! and X.Com keep this information, only so that your account with them will function properly.

If I order a custom CD, in what order will the songs I ordered appear?

They will appear in the order that you ordered them. If you ordered “In Love Again” followed by “Daydreaming”, that is the order the songs will be in on your CD. If this is not the order that you want, you can empty your Shopping Basket and start over.

How much music can I fit on a custom CD?

74 minutes worth. This includes spaces between songs (2 sec. each). For each 74 minutes of music or fraction, you must order a New Custom CD. If you don’t we’ll add one for you and notify you of the change to your order. You will then have the chance to accept the change or reject the order, or delete enough music so you don’t need another Custom CD.

Can I mix songs from different artists when I create a custom CD?

Yes. Simply visit the different pages of the different artists and order the songs in the order that you want them on the custom CD.

Can I order albums from your artists?


Is there anything else I can order?

Yes. Currently Midnight Music also sells synthesizer banks for the WAVmaker music renderer. This should interest you if you are a musician and you have the WAVmaker system.

How do I know that you will ship what I have ordered?

Midnight Music receives your order as soon as you make it, and will verify the order with you. After you have made payment available, your order will be completed and your CD(s) will be shipped. Midnight Music will not accept the payment until the order has been shipped. This way, you know you will never be charged for something you’re not getting.

What musicians sell their music through you?

Mainly independent musicians. The current list: Tim Sabin (New Age / Jazz) 
You can also buy the songs that play on iJZNA, our Internet Jazz and New Age radio station.

My question hasn’t been answered. How do I get in touch with you?

Contact us at cs@midnightmusic.net , and we’ll get you an answer immediately.