How to withdraw a no deposit bonus at the casino?

21 Jun

How to withdraw a no deposit bonus at the casino?

This post is dedicated to a very relevant for some players question: how to withdraw the no deposit bonus casino. Since many newcomers to gambling are trying to get “all and at once” completely unreasonably, it will be useful for them to read the text to the end.

Not everyone knows how to withdraw bonus money from the casino. In fact, we are not talking specifically about bonus rewards, but about the money that is won with their help. Naturally, experienced gamers have studied the basic rules and regulations that are accepted in gambling establishments, and quietly withdraw not only regular winnings, but also payments received with the help of bonuses. It is possible to withdraw funds received after the use of “gifts” from the administration of virtual institutions. If you want to make more money from gambling, consider white label casino solutions.

About online casino bonuses

Before we discuss which casino you can withdraw a no deposit bonus and how you can do it, it makes sense to talk briefly about all the options for rewards that are offered at online casinos. Let’s discuss the usual rewards offered at virtual clubs.

At almost any site, new users can get a welcome bonus package, which is given to all first-time registrants. He, more often than not, includes a certain percentage of the first or first three/five deposits and some free spins. In this case, it is almost always mandatory to wager this bonus within a certain period of time (from a few hours to a few days). In addition to the welcome package administration of virtual casinos may offer the following types of incentives.

  1. Bonus for active play, which is given to all regular players who agree to participate in the loyalty program.
  2. Incentives in honor of the birthday (usually it is an individual offer).
  3. Presents for inviting friends to the playground.
  4. Cashback of part of the lost funds (3-10% of bets, which were lost as a result of the game).
  5. Comp points and statuses. With their help, gamers get a higher level and additional privileges.

There can be many more options for bonuses. It depends on the imagination of the administration of the gambling site and marketing specialists who develop the casino. In fact, bonuses are a tool to attract new and existing users, rather than generous gifts for gamblers. Every year, loyalty programs are supplemented with new offers, so bonus-hunters will always be interested in spending time on gaming resources.

In what casino can I withdraw my no deposit bonus?

The good news for players is that there are legal casinos with a withdrawable bonus on the web. This is absolutely any clubs with a license. Naturally, that you can withdraw them only after wagering. Do not even enter illegal establishments or clubs, which are included in the blacklist casinos. Not only will you lose your winnings, received with bonuses, but you will lose your own money in any case. You can register and deposit your account only at official virtual casinos. If you want to create your own casino, visit