Virtual Reality and Casino

8 Aug

Virtual Reality and Casino

Humanity loves to play. It doesn’t matter in virtual life or in real life. In any case, the brain is tuned to the game and a habit arises, and sometimes dependence on it. Since virtual life has become an integral part of man, there was reason to think: what will happen will happen when real life and virtual life intersect (the game and everything related to it). For now you can play online at pin up casino to get some fun and money.

Development of VR gambling

Experts tried to find the answer at the international conference dedicated to today and the development of future VR-gambling in Prague (VR / AR Gambling Conference). Those gathered, and among them there were technical experts, and the largest businessmen working in the gambling business, came to a unanimous conclusion: to be VR-gambling.

Experts confirmed the conclusions of the participants. Conclusion: the virtual game has brilliant prospects, and the potential is simply huge. It is not for nothing that the SlotsMillion VR virtual casino has been operating since 2015, and is not going to close, on the contrary, it intends to develop further, improve games and slots, and the interaction of players among themselves.

New opportunities for virtual games are opening up, which means new stakes. For example, as the conference speaker stated, you can create a game that simulates a deadly battle, a duel, or something similar. In real life, you cannot organize, much less participate in such an event. To put on such entertainment is impossible, illegal and unnatural to human nature. And in the virtual – please. Put real money on the outcome of a virtual match. Everyone is alive, but someone is the winner, and someone is not.

There is another significant point in the virtualization of casino operations in real life, namely, the possibility of improving and regulating their activities. The use of surveillance cameras (360 degrees of view) installed above the playing field of tables, roulette, etc., will ensure remote participation of both spectators and players in the game. No less important is the fact that this system makes it possible to observe what is happening in any place of the establishment, how the game is played at any table, without getting up, so to speak, from the sofa. As a result, it will undergo changes and improve, any game, for example, World Series of Poker.

Opinions of the participants

But all the conference participants were so optimistic. Some simply refused to recognize virtual reality, calling it fantasy. Alexander Tomich (co-founder of SlotsMillion VR) told the audience about the weak interest in his institution in the virtual world. However, he did not give any real figures, saying that there is no business in the virtual yet, and the virtual game itself is just an amusing curiosity. But he is optimistic and believes that the future lies in virtuality. In the long run, albeit long-term, it will transform the world by changing the mobile sector. What happens to the desktop computer will happen.

According to a number of conference participants, changes in the structure of the virtual business are coming. The role of the casino will decrease, and entertainment will dominate: family games, all kinds of shows, just virtual parties and, even, striptease. Indeed, roulette is of little interest to young people born in the 2000s. So says Kevin Williams (VR consultant). It lost its position (according to him), and the main money, he cited the data of one of the institutions, provide entertainment, as well as food, at least 60% of total income. Williams can be attributed to the supporters of that reality, where mixed real life and virtuality. In his world, a person is immersed in another environment (virtual), and real life is somewhere far away, interaction with it is weak, only with a limited number of objects, as necessary.